What We Do

Our mission is to provide you with the best staffing resources on demand and on site as quickly as possible. Since 1998, our company has successfully recruited, trained, deployed and managed thousands of unskilled and semi–skilled manufacturing, construction and retail workers throughout the country.


Our workers have assisted on projects including apartment buildings, homes, factories, warehouses, large department/retail stores, strip malls and tenant remodels. We have crews ready to go to work for you today.


One Source Staffing and Labor takes pride in being the go to One Source for clean up at most of the professional stadiums in the Kansas City area.


One Source workers are ready to step in to keep your production line running smoothly. We know that having your plant fully staff is key to meeting your production goals and keeping your clients happy.


One Source workers know what it takes to jump into a fulfillment operation with speed and accuracy. We work with a variety of mail sorting, package assembly and fulfillment companies.


CATSTAFF is our restoration division. We go to work when fire, flood, hurricane, high-winds or any type of disaster strikes. CATSTAFF crews travel the country assisting restoration contractors with cleanup, demolition, mold containment, fire cleaning, muck out and pack out projects.

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